Multifunction AI Cooking Robot
Catering Industry With AI Technology
AI Black Technology Family New Member
  • One Machine
    Multi-purposes Proficient
  • Magic Machine With All
    Kinds Cooking Skills
  • Guided Cooking For
    Easy Operation
  • Massive Digital Recipes
    Reproduce Delicious Tastes
  • IH Electromagnetic Heating
    Precise Temperature Control Without Lampblack
  • High Performance Reluctance
    Motors With 22 Gears
  • Compatable With All
    Kitchen Appliances
  • Extensible
The 4th Home Applicance In Intelligent Era
Food is the first necessity of the people,
the intricacy of traditional kitchen electrical appliances often
makes people feel dazzling, do not know where to start.
Chef master robot combines many kitchen appliances
functions in one, with 3000 + global food recipes,
guided operation, automatic cooking mode, precise heating
and temperature control system, abundant cooking accessories, make a new learner to cook delicious dishes easily.
15 Functions in One Magic Machine
The robot is not only a collection of slip fried,
simmering, cooking and other rich cooking functions, but also a
juicer, kneading machine, shredding machine and other kitchen
electrical equipment functions, one machine for all , so that the
kitchen becomes simple and let cooking is full of fun
Low sugar rice pot
Low temperature cooking machine
Electric steamer
Ice breaker
Wall breaker
Electronic scale
Fermentation machine
kneading machine
Slow stewing machine
The stirring rod
A AI Master Chef With 18 kinds Of Cooking Skills
Easy to handle all kinds of complex cooking operations, simple and efficient, to help you complete the master chef level operation. And will continue to evolve, function upgrade.
Slip Fry
Steam Roast
Knead Dough
Hassle Free Cooking With Intelligent Guide
All cooking steps are completed by the chef master
robot except ingredients feeding. Digital custom cooking,
plus experience of cooking master data, turn the heat, time,
sequnces into machine language, make the system identify different cooking behavior, then match the algorithm, perfect
restore the cooking taste of the top level chefs.
Customization Make Your Private Kitchen
Based on I KNOW YOU big data deep computing system,
through continuous accurate portrait of users, analysis of users'
dietary taste, health status, personal preferences data, the robot
can provide users with personalized recipes according to different needs,
easy and simple to enjoy delicious dishes.
Global Cuisine Is Under Control
No matter it is foreign cuisine, or China's eight major local cuisines,
or home style dishes, the master chef robot can be perfect for you
to present. Built-in more than 3000+ master recipe data, continuously updated
AI recipe resources, comprehensive reproduction of chef skills.
Within a square inch of land, enjoy the world's delicious tastes.
Small IOT Ecological In Intelligent kitchen
There are many techniques, steps and types of kitchen appliances
involved in cooking procedure. By optimizing the interaction of kitchen
appliances , the cooking experience and efficiency can be improved much. As the
control center, the U08 robot can realize the interconnection among all
kitchen appliances, build the kitchen IOT ecology and bring the kitchen toward intelligence.
10.1 inch LCD HD Screen
Massive information such as recipes, step-by-step guides,
exclusive recommendations, and health videos are displayed intuitively
and clearly on the large touch screen with 1280*800 resolution.
Multi-dimensional perception, simple interaction,
visible and more at ease.
IH Electromagnetic Heating, Precise Temperature Control
1200W high-power IH three-dimensional heating is more uniform,
heating up faster, and steam is more sufficient. Built-in U-Easy Fresh
temperature sensor and temperature control module, intelligent temperature control
algorithm, precise control of cooking temperature without
lampblack. 106 levels of fine-tuning, master the subtle changes in calories,
and make dishes delicious and healthy
Multi-function Knife
Equipped with high-performance reluctance motor with 22 gears.
Food-grade high-strength stainless steel knife, with a speed of up to 10,000
rpm, can easily chop nuts, ice etc. It is able to rotate forward and reverse,
and has cutting and stirring functions, which are very smooth and do a better job than a chef.
Safety induction, the knife will not move before the lid is closed, and it will
automatically stop when the lid is removed, to ensure safety.
Accurate Weighing with Sensor
Excelsior, there is no more baffling "appropriate amount", supplemented
by high-precision and five out of ten thousand micro-sensors, multi-line distribution,
to accurately add spices, ingredients, etc.
Creative Cooking, "It" is Enough
The extensible accessories consisting of steamer (set), steaming pan,
frying pan, baker, stirring rod, measuring spoon, spatula, shredded/slice kit, etc.,
has powerful application potential to satisfy all your gourmet creativity . (Accessories need to be purchased separately)
AI Empowerment Love Cooking
Real Intelligent Cooking Robot
The Robot that Knows You Best
I KNOW YOU big data deep computing system,
know what you think, do what you need
The Robot that Interacts Naturally
Multi-modal humanized interaction, able to command by
voice, easy and happy cooking, more like a "human" communication experience
The Robot that Moves Freely
Navigate and avoid obstacles autonomously, shuttle in
complex scenes, cooking in the kitchen, and accompany
you in leisure time.
Intelligent Robot at Home
From the kitchen to the entire house, it is able to be interconnected
with other smart products, becoming a smart control center, making AI everywhere

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