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Public industry

XianEr robot Monk,
Master Monk

Come from cartoon monk XianEr, he is best at exchanging Buddism knowledge with worshippers. The monk robot becomes an icon and media to spread Buddism,advocate kindness and wisdom with the development of mordern technology.
Healthcare industry for elders

The beloved robot

By the open robot application platform and connection with all kinds of healthcare equipments,system,providing professional healthcare services like monitoring heart rate,pulse,blood pressure etc.vital signs and instant tracking of symptoms
Medical industry

Robot for family intelligent healthcare management and elders service

Little Angel robot may provide convenient online offline integrated health services like elders home care,chronic disease management,after hospital recovery, with supports of big data intelligent health care cloud service platform,by linking families,communities and healcare providers ,it makes the management simple,interesting with interactive amusement and easy operation.
Overseas market

Robot XiaoQi

XiaoQi is family partner, made under strict requests for children’safety,it may provide advanced learning contents and enlightenment for different ages children, including chat,singing,telling stories, searching information etc.personalized service.
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