Intelligent Education Robot

Perfect Companion of Programming

NO.1 Carton character among female

One of The Most Popular IP Image In History
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Super cute personal tutor

Intelligent Interaction Game Make Studying Interesting Efficient
  • 教材同步小学 初中课程
  • 云端资源个性化内容推荐
  • 国学文化腹有诗书气自华
  • 场景教学告别哑巴英语
  • 早期教育智力发展关键期
  • 科普知识知识快人一步

Capable programming

In AI era, programming is a must skill
  • 5 programming
  • Visable
  • Cultivating
5 major programming blocks,Free to edit portfolio Inspirating children's creativity
Visable programming,interesting
and easy to start with Graphic Interface,Interesting Programming Enable
Children Learn Fast,Increase STEAM Experience
To cultivate future competitivity from learing programming step by step Through Simple Dragging and Drafts,Children May Perceive Algorithm Design,Command Sequence,Subject and Sensors Etc.

Intelligent growth partner

Intelligent Design+Humanoid Interaction,
Make Companionship Warmer 11 magnetic
modulars design
  • Humanoid language interaction
  • Able to sing
    and dance
  • Free
  • Touch-

The most magic AI functions

line line
Imitation of parent's voice By Simulating Parents'Voice,It Can Telling Stories,Singing As Parents' Voice Even You Are Away from Home
Live chat No Matter How Far It Is,Live Chat Make Distance Closer
Cultivating good habbies Quick Voice Setup of Remindings,Alarm,Big Data Customization, Cultivate Children Proper Habbies,Regular Daily Life,Healty Dining and Efficient Study.
Dirty words firewall Automatic Filtering Improper Languages and Contents,Protect Children All the Time.
Information memory Remember Essential Family's Information,Improving Memory Through Q&A.

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