Mini U
Table size cute robot
Mini U comes from Mars

'Real robot' must move

Mini U is build with dual driving wheels
dual intelligent sensors and single roller follower that permit him to walk.
  • forward
  • back
  • left turn
  • right turn
  • right turn circle
  • left turn circle
  • flow me
  • dance
product product

Massive cloud-base educational knowledge

Songs,stories | idioms | English translation | Encyclopedia and many others knowledge and tools!
  • 20000+
  • 30000+
    Children songs
  • 10000+
    Enlightenment english
  •   300000+
    3rd party audio
  • 12000+
    Classic Chinese Studies
  • 100000+
    Fairy tales

Free talking with speech interaction

Open AI language base and pleasant instant talking.
  • Speech recognition
  • Intelligent language base
  • Unlimit talking
Read a poem
Happy birthday to you
Help me record a phone
Why there is hail in summer?
XiaoBen, when is the Christmas?
Tell a story
56 + 8 * 22-13=?
What's the weather in Beijing today?
How do you say happy birthday in Chinese?
Dance for me please

Programmable dancing is interesting and favorable for intelligence growth

Mobile control programmable dances increase children’s logical thinking and improve creativity.
  • Logical thinking
  • Arts enlightenment
  • Easy operation

One touch memory powerful brain

Parent’s reminds set up, dates and numbers recording so kids remember it instantly.
  • One touch recording
  • Reminding
  • Numbers memory

Multi-roles as a teacher and friend

Poet, singer, storyteller, knowledge master and many others in one box.
  • Little poet
  • Singer
  • Story teller

App link

Download the app. ,operating the robot with easy.