Partner type Family intelligent robot
With U03 beside you, enjoy intelligence of life

Sweet companion , caring partner

24hours unconditional companionship, house manager on call. Good baby becomes role model,Personal customized, kids' imagination's creative magic cubic.

Super brain , super intelligence

Powerful cloud base AI knowledge library, massive informaiton unlimited transfer. Enlightenment intelligent modules with freedom of custimization.Whole brian almight scenario guidance system, starting intelligence eduction.
  • Massive knowledge
  • cloud-base information
  • unlimit dialogue

Hearing or talking with natural languages

Dual micphone array, 5meters far field pickup modules, self audio source de-duplication technology, natural semantic analysis and depth study, imitate human emotion speech- generating model, local and cloud-base dual voice recognition engines.
  • Far field pickup
  • Semantic analysis
  • emotion speech

Far and close vision, always beside you

Remote video surveillance and bi-direction free video talk through mobile phone control, enable you to take care of your kids ,24hours,accross space.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Free video talk
  • Safe and Assured

Enlightenment education, universal master

Contents covering 0-12years old brain development, perceptual training,mathmetic enlightenment,science exploration,language training etc, starting a new era of univeral educaiton.
  • Mental power development
  • enlightenment eduction
  • universal growth

Good habits formation, makes great character

Developping children’ good personality, starting from daily behavior,study habits and cultivation of moral integrity, implanting correct behavioral concepts while playing a model role beside kids.
  • Habits development
  • Personality cultivation
  • Characters Buliding

Motion control Flexibility with intelligence

Singing,dancing,doing exercises. With bottom wheels and build-in motors, free walking and graceful dancing is achivable. 8 intelligent sensors and 4 delicate stepping motors build-in, moving flexible and control accurate.
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Walking

Smart home , Smart IOT

Combination of IOT,net communication ,generic cabling,voice recognition technologies, through speech recognition,wireless remote control, home appliances linked and controlled by internet, building up efficient management system linking home equipments and daily family issues. Such as lights, TV,curtains, air conditioners etc.

Heath care and Health management

Play as a good family health consultant, linking with BT4.0 intelligent home healthcare equipments, wearable healthcare devices,monitoring blood pressure , height , weights , glucose instantly,recording and analysing data, giving alert for health problem and chronic diseases. Focusing and guard family members’ health.
  • Indicators monitoring
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health protection

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Download the 'Remote eyes' app. , checking your home anytime.
Even far away from home, a step distance with this app.