UU - U05

Humanoid service robot for commercial use
Drives revolution in commercial scenario

Intelligent species create a brighter future

UU robot penetrates all kind of industries
From airport to hotels from department stores to banks, from hospitals to schools, from museums to city hall and automobile franchise stores. UU can optimize the service and upgrade your experience in thousands of commercial scenario by creating a brand-new intelligent service model

5 major basic functions

Humanoid service robot for commercial use
Our R&D expert team worked for over 3 years to finally create UU. UU made great breakthrough at speech interaction, facial recognition, bionic action, IOT, self obstacle-avoidance and became the leader in China commercial service robot industry
  • Free speech interaction
  • Instant facial recognition
  • Bionic action simulation
  • Auto obstacle avoidance
  • Intelligent control center

Extraordinary six sense black technology

Inspired from Buddhism, the 6 realizations redefine the intelligent life
Six major sense systems are constructed under Buddhism inspiration, like brand-new intelligent species.
Intelligent vision system—U See

Multi-modal image recognition engine
Realization of four extraordinary visual intelligences

Eyes wide open GPU + RealSense R Real sense technology
With NAIDIA GPU smart control Intel latest real sense technology, collaborating works with 1080P high definition camera, infrared cameras and infrared violet light transmitter, UU realizing precise facial recognition, instant motion capture and 3D space construction.
  • instant facial recognition
  • environment perception subjects recongnition
  • motion capture instant response
  • gesture recognition human-like interaction
    • 13millions
      pixels head high defination camera
    • 13millions
      pixels tablet high defination camera
    Free speech system

    World leading Chinese recognition system
    24 dialects fast and smooth recognition

    Powerful voice engine with built-in 4+1 microphone arrays
    Built with the world's leading IFLYTECH latest language engine with 4+1 microphone arrays, analyzing voice frequencies, sound, waves, precisely tracking, locating voice sources, with 3D scenario structure system and 360°all direction pickup within 5 meters.
    Depth semantic system

    Depth based on neural network
    building up powerful semantic capacity

    The deep learning algorithm understands human communication intention accurately.
    Analyzing human languages with deep learning algorithm and understanding semantics through cloud base makes the robot recognize human speaker's accurate intentions and communicates freely.
    • Open semantic understanding
    • Adaptive speech scene
    • Full duplex continuous interaction
    • Multi-rounds dialogue
    Environment perception system

    Integration of multi-sensors fusion
    Powerful world perception ability

    Multiple sensors integration system perceives the world like human beings.
    With integration of infrared, sonars, body, radar, environment sensors, comprehensively processing multi-levels information through powerful algorithm UU perceives the internal and external world like a human being.
    • Touching
    • Obstacle avoidance
    • Charging
    • Environment
    • Precision
    Behavioral decision system

    Robot body motion control system
    Unity of form and spirit, vivid lifelike

    Bionic intelligent motion modules, 22 degree of freedom simulation actions
    Base on neural network motion control algorithm and MCU microchips unit functions, UU can move 360 degree in all direction flexibly. Up to 22 degree of freedom motion joints makes rich simulating actions like head up, head turning, arms lifting, cranking arms, shaking hands, backing, walking or turning around. All those motions create a splendid interaction with humans.
    • X 2dof
    • X 10dof
    • X 10dof
    Emotion system

    Initiation of robot self -consciousness engine
    Creative breakthrough of intelligent species

    U SenseEmotion engine, Multi-dimensional interaction
    U SenseEmotion engine, including EAI languages library and emotional speech synthesis technology recognize precise human multi-dimension emotion like gestures, motions, languages, and facial expressions. With its 25 kinds of emotion expressions and 368 kinds of emotion languages UU makes human interaction achievable and enjoyable.
    • 0 plates
      emotional expression
    • 0 sets
      basic motion and expression
    • 0 kinds of
      emotional language expression
    • 0 unlimit
      custom emotional expression
    • Medical & elders healthcare
    • Education
    • Banking & finacing
    • High level hotels
    • Sports & entertainment
    • Convention & exhibition
    • Shoppings
    • Intelligent offices
    • Property management
    • Dinning service
    • Real estate sales
    • Tourism & resorts

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